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Disclaimer: Campus Employment - On Campus
Attention Students:

Your first step is to read the Student Qualifications and Responsibilities For Student Employment

Students’ Qualifications and Responsibilities for Student Employment
Student employment jobs go live August 1st of each academic year they are limited in number and go quickly. Students must apply ASAP after the “go live date”. The Career Center is not responsible for availability by the time a student applies. To be eligible for student employment the criteria below must be met:

Undergraduate students must be enrolled in at least 2 units during the academic year and graduate students must be enrolled in at least two classes (6 credits) and are limited to TCNJ students ONLY. Summer employment is open to non-TCNJ students but the individual must be a enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary institution at the time of acceptance to the position or for the following academic year.

If student needs assistance with job placement ideas, visit the Career Center in Roscoe West Hall 102.

Once a student has been hired for a position, to remain employed under the program the student must:

1. Perform a satisfactory job and cooperate with the particular department's policies and procedures.
2. Adhere to work schedules. When legitimate excuses exist, student must inform their supervisor.
3. Inform supervisor of absences in advance if possible. If not, student must inform him/her as early as possible on the day of the absence.
4. Inform department of any other campus employment.
5. Work no more than 15 hours per week during the academic year or 40 hours during the summer in total on-campus employment. Ensure that total hours do not exceed the aforementioned limits.
6. Notify the Career Center when intending to terminate employment.

If a student fails to work and adhere to the good job practices stated above, the student's employment may be terminated.

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